Development of monitoring and reporting tools
Project managers and implementers need to constantly monitor the progress of development initiatives. In order to maintain consistency and coherence and ensure performance and compliance, monitoring of projects is required. Similarly, reporting of successes and failures is equally important in the life of a project cycle, where Devsuits offers its assistance.

Studies on immediate results
Some results are visible within a short duration of project implementation whereas others take long. Recording immediate results of projects is where Devsuits will assist its partners to do so.

Mid-term reviews
Reviewing project’s efficiency, relevance, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and sustainability are basic areas which need specific attention in a project and mid-term evaluation/review is an opportunity to do this. Mid-term evaluation/review is a systematic approach to see if the project intervention is relevant, contributing to what it originally intended and whether the results achieved can be sustained afterwards. Devsuits offers its hands to partners in conducting such reviews. At times, quick spot checks, to ensure compliance in the use of project resources can also be sought from Devsuits.

Value for resources studies
Development assistance mostly comes from individual taxpayers and spending of such assistance is always a concern for those who have contributed. Not only money but goodwill, skills, technology offered by the funders are key resources for development. Assessing value for such resources can be done by Devsuits, should its partners require so.

Evidence-based advocacy
Producing great results is not enough to trigger positive changes in the lives of people – which is the ultimate aim of development. Sharing those results will substantiate the advocacy efforts for policy reform or implementation, which in turn will rev up the change process. Therefore, Devsuits can be of help to those organisations who wish to advocate for noble causes but lack sound evidences for them.

Process/outcome documentation
Some projects entail interesting and useful processes and outcomes. Documenting them in words, in sounds or in audio-visual media is helpful for others to learn from. This can be done through Devsuits.

Exit strategy/plan and fundraising
Projects are not forever. But when they exit, do the results exist? This is a BIG question for most development projects and sadly enough, the answer is ‘no’ in a considerable amount of initiatives. This is partly because their exit is not well thought through or implemented. A connected issue with the exit of a project is seeking follow-up funding in some cases. Devsuits can assist its partners in trying to find a satisfactory answer to the questions of sustainability and fundraising.

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