Facilitation of National Dialogue on Merorialization for TJRC

Devsuits supported Transitional Justice Resource Centre (TJRC), Nepal in facilitating a national dialogue on memorialization for conflict victims as part of their consultation on transitional justice process in Nepal. The dialogue focused on 7 key questions identified by the victims with support from experts – i) What does memorialization mean from the victims' perspective? ii) What is the significance of memorialization? iii) Who should initiate and support memorialization? iv) What could be done for the recognition of victims apart from constructing memorials? v) What can be the forms and types of memorialization and who should be consulted with? vi) Should the memorialization process precede, coincide or follow the truth seeking process? and vii) How can the memorialization be made effective and sustainable? Minister of Peace and Reconstruction, Mr. Narahari Acharya assured that the concerns and suggestions of the conflict victims would be taken seriously. Some 70 conflict victims, experts and representatives of political parties participated in the dialogue.

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