Final/impact evaluation
Final evaluation of projects gives hindsight to all stakeholders involved in the project, be it the funder, or implementer, or manager, or beneficiary. Impact evaluations can be conducted after some time of a project completion. These evaluations offer good lessons (normative or causal) for projects and Devsuits can assist its partners to conduct them.

Documenting achievements and lessons
Achievements and lessons of projects are indispensable assets gained through the investment of money, time, skills and efforts. Documenting them (in any form) is useful, for which Devsuits is there to assist its partners.

Collection and compilation of best practices
Best practices can be named as success stories or case studies or else but they are the master pieces of results. Most projects these days collect and compile them but some ignore them due to their cost constraints or time constraints. However, collection and compilation of those successes help others to get inspired and replicate, if possible. Devsuits helps its partners to do this.

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