Baseline Survey
Baseline information is the foundation of a successful development initiative. In order to design a project with right focus on pertinent issues, beneficiaries, milestones, resource planning and setting SMART monitoring indicators, a sound baseline survey is a must.

Thematic researches
In the quest for excellence, Devsuits regularly conducts researches on generic issues on its own. In order to serve its partners better, it also helps them to design, conduct, analyse and interpret thematic researches on given subjects. Through a collaborative approach, the Devsuits researches enable its partners to inform project inceptions, to track progress, to record successes, lessons and challenges, to strengthen evidence-based advocacy and to guide future initiatives.

Pre-award assessment
Making the right choice of a partner organisation to implement development projects is crucial for their success. In order to determine the suitability of any organisation for a specific task largely depends on the objectives, internal systems and cultures, their interaction with external actors and factors. Thus, pre-award assessment of a project partner or a grantee is a necessary step, especially when there are no previous working relationships between a funder and/or implementer(s), in a pre-project stage, where Devsuits can assist its partners.

Stakeholder analysis
Analysing the presence and role of various stakeholders in a project environment is an important factor for the success of an initiative. Therefore, the analysis of presence and role of allies, competitors and neutral forces needs to be done in the beginning of any project. This can be termed as a resource mapping exercise or a risk analysis or context analysis but Devsuits is there to assist its partners in these areas.

Partner selection
Developing call for proposals, disseminating clear information to prospective applicants, guiding them in the application process, ensuring a fair, transparent and as objective as possible selection of partner organisations is a challenge many development organisations have been facing. In order to confront these challenges, Devsuits offers its services in this process.

Proposal preparation
For CBOs and NGOs, writing winning proposals is often an obstacle to access resources and to utilize their expertise and commitment in subjects of their command. Although there is no guarantee that every best proposal is awarded with a project opportunity, it’s always worth trying to develop best proposals, for which Devsuits offers its services.

Log-frame development
Log-frames are perhaps the quickest views into even most complicated development initiatives. Preparing robust logframes not only helps the initiators thoroughly internalize the crux of a project but also helps them to monitor the progress afterwards. Therefore, with Devsuits’ support, you can develop a sound logframe.

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