Welcome to devsuits

Devsuits is a Nepalese development consultancy firm, initiated in 2012 and registered in February 2014, aiming to provide professional services to help its partners efficiently and effectively manage development projects around the world. Devsuits, an amalgamation of development professionals on diverse subjects from across the globe, offers expert services to community based organisations (CBOs), government organisations (GOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), international non-governmental organisations (INGOs), bilateral and multilateral donors on pre-project, during-project and post-project development activities, training and evenet management.

In order to enrich the development discourses, Devsuits conducts researches, some with its own resources, on generic issues related with development, such as public perception about development, major bottlenecks in development and how development gains can spread better across different strata of a society. For specific needs of our clients, we also conduct researches to inform project inceptions, to track progress, to record successes, lessons and challenges, to strengthen evidence-based advocacy and to guide future initiatives.